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Welcome to Hampton Canvas! Designed in London and made in Europe, all of our high-quality handmade canvas shoes for women and children are made from 100% organic cotton canvas with a 100% natural rubber sole.

From start to finish, it takes 20 minutes to make each individual Hampton Canvas shoe using a traditional 30-step process. Each shoe is made using the centuries-old method of vulcanisation. This process involves the moulding of rubber around the canvas upper using high temperatures up to 130-160°C, alleviating the need for harmful glues or solvents.

Made in compliance with the Green Trade World certification, the production process is respectful of the natural environment from start to finish. We are happy to inform you that all of the 100% organic cotton canvas and 100% natural rubber used in our Hampton Canvas range is ethically sourced. So, the next time you or your children slip on a pair of our comfortable, scented, 100% cotton Hampton Canvas shoes you can confidently wear them with pride in the full knowledge of how they were made and where they came from.

Step into our shoes - and show your true colours!

The Plum

The name of our iconic Hampton Canvas Plum plimsoll takes inspiration from Plum Island, Massachusetts and was designed to evoke the feelings of summer holidays, sand dunes, seaside inns and seafood lunches. Handmade in a family-run factory in Spain from 100% organic cotton canvas and 100% natural rubber we can guarantee that you’ll love the look and feel of these shoes, whether you’re a clam chowder person or always opt for the lobster roll. Available from a UK4.5/EU21 up to a UK9/EU43, our Hampton Canvas Plums are perfect for both Mummy & Me!


The Nantucket

Aptly named after Nantucket island, situated near Cape Cod, this New England seaport town is a little world of its own. Comprised of perfectly windswept beaches, it epitomises life at a slower pace. Described by National Geographic as ‘too charming for cars!’ all you need is a bike with a bell, a basket and a pair of Nantuckets to cycle around in! Perfect for days filled with swimming, shopping, fishing and dining, these are the ultimate summer shoe. Fully machine washable, they’ll be ready for your next adventure, time and time again.


The Martha

Encompassing pristine sandy beaches, lighthouses and harbour towns, the popular summer spot of Martha’s Vineyard makes a more than suitable namesake for one of our bestselling styles. A comfortable yet stylish everyday shoe, the Martha is perfect for both summer adventures and city living. They say that once you’ve been on ‘The Vineyard’ you’ll never want to be ‘off it’ and the same can be said for our Martha Canvas shoes. Once you’ve put them on, you’ll never want to take them off!