Welcome to the Hampton Canvas blog!

Welcome to the Hampton Canvas blog!

It would be easy to just tell you how passionate we are about our canvas shoes, why you will love wearing them and why our kid’s sizes are a great choice for your mini-me… but where would be the fun in that?

Instead, we wanted to create a place where you could discover the world of Hampton Canvas for yourself.  Our blog will introduce you to the people and places that inspire us, inform us and help to make Hampton Canvas who we are.


Get to know us better

You know we make great shoes, but here are 5 things you may not already know about us:


We keep it in the family

Hampton Canvas is a small, family run business and we pride ourselves on understanding what’s important to you, because it is important to us too. We create canvas shoes that are simple, authentic and fit into your lifestyle.  We believe that the everyday can still be luxury and this is reflected in our high standards when it comes to quality.


Unique to you

Our classic canvas shoes are made in Spain by a family run factory where each and every shoe is hand finished.  As a result, no two Hampton Canvas shoes are exactly the same.  Tiny imperfections make them perfect for you as each pair becomes unique to its wearer.

Handmade Hampton Canvas Shoes natural plimsoll

A natural choice

Each shoe is made with 100% natural rubber, using rubber tapped from rubber trees and a 100% natural cotton canvas upper.  We use an ancient process called vulcanisation to mould the rubber to the canvas because whether it is your feet, or the feet of your little ones, we strongly believe in keeping them away from harmful glues and solvents.


Natural rubber tapped from rubber trees hampton canvas shoes plimsolls

They smell as good as they look

We are used to it now, but people love to sniff our shoes. Why? We use scented rubber so all our shoes smell of a mixture of berries!  This means that you can wear all our canvas shoes barefoot, safe in the knowledge that your feet will always smell berry good.


Designed with you in mind

You love our shoes because of their stylish retro vibes but our children’s sizes mean that they are also ideal for your little ones. Laceless, lightweight, slip-on, machine washable, breathable, comfortable, hard wearing, bright and fun… these are plimsolls that you and your kids will live in this summer.


We’re looking forward to sharing more insider information, competitions and interviews so remember to keep checking back.  Plus, visit our Instagram and Facebook for news and updates.