What does your choice of shoe say about you?

Did you know that a decision as simple as which colour Hampton Canvas Plum shoe to buy speaks volumes about your personality?  According to research, the colours, shades and hues that we are instinctively drawn to can be very revealing about our personality. 


So were we so we created a little personality test…

Our plimsoll collection is bursting with colour but which one are you instinctively drawn to?  Take a look at our slip-on canvas collection page and click on the pair that immediately stand out to you.

So, the moment of truth… Does your choice of canvas shoe accurately describe your personality?


If you chose NAVY, WHITE or PUTTY

You are naturally drawn to a neutral palette and your personality reflects this.  You are cool, calm and composed.  You enjoy balance and stability and are proud of the fact that you are incredibly practical and reliable.  You are open and sincere which makes you a valuable friend.



Going bright with your choice means that you are confident and optimistic.  You are creative and innovative and enjoy being spontaneous and impulsive when it comes to making decisions.  You are a great negotiator and a good communicator which puts you firmly in the centre of your friendship group.


If you chose ROSA, SAGE or STEEL BLUE

This muted palette means that you are calming and nurturing.  You are intuitive and insightful and as a result you have great tact and diplomacy.  You have fantastic people skills and you are widely loved for your kindness and understanding.



Stripes suggest you are practical and stylish. You are confident and decisive and pride yourself on being an excellent planner.  If anyone wants to get things done, they come to you.  


Choosing a floral print means that you are romantic, creative and keen to embrace your femininity.  The fact that this is a Liberty print suggests you place a high value on tradition and loyalty. 


So, there we have it.  Apparently, it is no longer just a case of wearing our emotions on our sleeves but wearing our personalities on our feet. 

We would love to know whether your colour choice of Hampton Canvas shoe accurately reflects you.  Please do leave us a comment via Instagram or our Facebook page.