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Posted on 26 May 2017

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Trevaunance Cove Beach, Cornwall

Trevaunance Cove Beach, Cornwall


With many of our shoes heading to Cornwall this summer we thought we would have a quick chat to blogger and local, Stevie from A Cornish Mum to get some insider tips.  Read on for her top beaches, places to take the kids and the most delicious food she has ever eaten…


You are Cornish born and bred! What do you love most about living in Cornwall?

There are so many things I love about living in Cornwall but, aside from the obvious scenic benefits I would have to say the people. I love that anywhere you go, there is always someone willing to chat to complete strangers.

I walk a lot and I have never been on a long walk in Cornwall where someone hasn’t said good morning to me or mentioned the weather. The general friendliness down here is a big part of why I love it so much.


Longships Lighthouse

Longships Lighthouse


Do you have a favourite view?

 This is such a hard question, as I have so many favourite places. One of my favourite views though is watching the sun set at Land’s End. The pink sky behind the Longships Lighthouse is just beautiful. It’s the exact view that I have as my blog’s header image.


Which is your favourite beach and why?

 I don’t really go there now as I live on the other coast, but growing up Mawgan Porth was my local beach. We’d walk there sometimes from St Columb Major where I lived and it has some nice memories for me.

 Not only that, but there are places to eat and buy beach supplies right by the beach. A stream, rock pools and caves. Plus you can walk the southwest coast path to or from there and that’s a stunningly beautiful walk.


Mawgan Porth

Mawgan Porth


Apart from the beautiful beaches, where would you recommend visiting:

With tweens?

Tweens are so much harder to please than smaller children. However both of my boys – now 11 and almost 13 – still absolutely love Flambards, Camel Creek and The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Oh and Land’s End is for people of all ages, the 5D cinema there is fantastic.


The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan


With young kids?

For younger children I would recommend somewhere like Paradise Park, which has a great soft play area as well as lots of other things to do. Springfields over near to St Columb Major is brilliant as well and somewhere that my boys loved a lot when they were smaller.

 Also the Eden Project is hard to beat when they have special events on.


With toddlers and babies?

For teeny tots Lappa Valley is great for riding on the trains and for picnics. Newquay Zoo and Paradise Park are also great for all ages as there is plenty for them to see and do.


Steam train at Lappa Valley

Steam train at Lappa Valley


Where are the best places to stay for:


 It honestly doesn’t matter where you stay in Cornwall, but I would recommend staying in the middle of the county if you have small children rather than at either end, to minimise the travel for days out. You have so many more options of places to venture for days out. Pretty much anywhere in Cornwall is family friendly though.


For couples anywhere with a sea view can add to the romance factor. Personally I really want to stay in the Land’s End hotel at some point. Anywhere where you can wake up and see the sea straight away is pure bliss for me.


Land’s End Hotel
Land’s End Hotel


Where are the foodie hot spots that we should visit?

There are so many good places to eat all over the county, so there’s no one particular area that stands out to me personally as a foodie’s paradise. If you look on Tripadvisor ( at the top ten places to eat in Cornwall, they are all over the place.


Delicious menu at the Hop Store
Delicious menu at the Hop Store


One less well known one though is the Hop Store above The Old Ale House in Truro. They have a River Cottage menu and I have never had anything other than completely delicious food there. The food is the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere so far, so a definite favourite of ours.


What are your must-pack items for a week in Cornwall? 

Layers of clothing, the Cornish weather is notorious for changing when you least expect it. Regardless of what the weather forecast claims, just pack for every eventuality.


Hampton Canvas Plum shoes- the must-have item for the beach

Hampton Canvas Plum shoes- the must-have item for the beach


Lastly, what should we definitely experience on a trip to Cornwall?


Land's End Sunset Cornwall


A sunset at Land’s End preferably followed by one of their brilliant fireworks displays. The feeling of being on top of the World at the top of Tintagel Castle and a walk along the southwest coast path, where you are pretty much hit in the face and the heart by the views.

Also the obvious ones fish and chips by the sea, a traditional Cornish pasty and a paddle in the sea even if it does turn your feet blue!


You can read more about Stevie’s life in Cornwall on her blog A Cornish Mum.


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